ADAX TRADING LDA guarantees and safeguards the protection of the personal data of their website’s users. In the processing of the personal data collected during your visit, the rules defined in current EU and national legislation are fully complied with. The data collected are intended only for the internal processing of information and aim to provide the services / products announced as well as the continuous evolution of the quality and excellence of our services / products. In no case will the data provided by you be publicly disclosed and will only be made available to third parties with your prior and express consent.

The visit of our website does not, in itself, involve the collection of personal data. However, there is a set of computer data that is collected automatically in each access, as best described in this text. There are, however, several areas of the site that require personal information from the user so that they can be accessed as well as some services that need this information so that they can be provided. The request for collection of this data is always made in a clear and unambiguous way.

We present below the description of the type of data we collect, the treatment to which they are subject and also the utility they represent for the services we provide. At the end of the text you can also consult your rights regarding information, correction and deletion of data.

  1. Internet access data

With the access to our site, a set of computer data is automatically collected, which are recorded temporarily in own files, and are also automatically deleted after a certain period. The collection of these data has purely technical objectives, such as connection configuration, system security, technical management of the network and the optimization of our site.

The data to which we refer is the following:
a) IP address of requesting processor;
b) Date and time of access;
c) Name and URL of the transferred file;
d) Volume of transmitted data;
e) Browser and operating system software identification data;
f) Website from which you accessed our site;
g) Name of the Internet service provider.

  1. Consent to use of personal data

The use of some of the services of our site presupposes the provision of personal data and a more substantial treatment thereof. ADAX TRADING will only use these data when they are provided by their owners, only for the purposes that have been provided and always with the consent of their owners, which will be given with the act of their provision. We then carry out the aforesaid services and the type of data processing carried out.


ADAX TRADING  makes it possible to subscribe  a free newsletters service to visitors to the website. This service aims to inform subscribers of relevant information within the areas of interest covered by the services / products provided by ADAX TRADING LDA.  In order to enjoy this service you will have to provide your name and email address in the existing field for the purpose. You can cancel your subscription to the newsletters service at any time by sending an email with this request, following the instructions at the end of each newsletter.

2.2. Contact Form

If you wish to contact ADAX TRADING LDA directly through the website, you must complete the form provided for this purpose. You will be asked for some personal information (name and e-mail address, and telephone number). The collection of these data only aims to make it possible to respond to your contact with the minimum of personalization and is not used for any other purpose. It is also possible to contact ADAX TRADING LDA directly to the data indicated in the link “Contacts”.

  1. Security

ADAX TRADING LDA has invested in technical and organizational security measures to protect the collected personal data against inadvertent or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are constantly being improved, keeping pace with technological progress. We will, however, decline any liability when such acts result from criminal or unlawful conduct, in which case liability should be borne by the respective agents.

  1. Cookies

Our site may use cookies to control the session in the memory of your browser. This data does not contain references of a personal nature, being automatically erased when closing your browser. Please note that most Internet browsers are pre-programmed to accept cookies. If you wish to consult our website without using cookies, you must change the appropriate setting in your browser options. However, if you set your browser to reject all cookies, this may limit the use of some features of our site.

  1. Links to External Sites

Our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy applies exclusively to our site.

However, this website contains links to partner sites. The connection to these sites always presupposes a click of the user in the respective link, never being automatic. It is absolutely impossible for ADAX TRADING LDA to ensure that these partners data protection practices are in accordance with law and our ethical requirements. Thus, ADAX TRADING LDA can not be held responsible for the content or privacy policy of other external sites, and it is solely the responsibility of its owners any damage or illegal situation that the query of such sites may cause.

  1. Right to verify, correct and delete data

Under the terms of the law, we fully recognize your right to verify any data relating to yourself, as well as the right to require correction or deletion and also the right to withdraw your consent for future use. In some of the services of this site, if you are a registered user, it is possible to verify the data online, as well as to delete or modify the data directly by its owner. For information about your personal data, for the correction or deletion of data or for clarifying any other question regarding the use of personal data in our possession, contact:

Praceta Dr. Alberto Ferreira, Lote 32, 3ºA

2410-475 Leiria

Phone:   +351 244 025 998

Mobile phone: + 351 911 895 015

  1. Acceptance of our Privacy and Data Protection Policy

By using our site you are implicitly agreeing to the use of your personal data, under the terms described above. As our site grows and new technologies are adopted, it may be necessary to make changes to our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

ADAX TRADING LDA reserves the right to modify its Privacy and Data Protection Policy at any time. However, we need your authorization to continue to share product / service offerings with you.

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